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XL’s Utility Canopy Legacy

In today’s busy world, everyone tries to find ways to accomplish a multitude of tasks all at the same time. The need to get the job done at a fraction of the time originally spent is so critical that it pushes people to be as innovative as they can. This same idea must have given birth to Utility canopies. Utility canopies enable its owner to make use of his vehicle for whatever specific purposes he has in mind by providing him more than enough space and room for customization at the back of his automobile.

Utility canopies

If you are a handyman or someone who ventures into a construction or mining business, you will find the use of utility canopies very beneficial. These types of jobs requires the use of numerous, big, and bulky tools. By owning aluminium Ute canopies, storing, as well as transporting your valuable tools is a breeze. Unlike just leaving your tools lying around at the back of your car, which welcomes the inevitable wear and tear, having a Ute canopy keeps everything tucked away and well-protected.

Tried and tested by time, XL has made their mark in the utility canopy space. Thanks to the Korganow family of Brisbane, Queensland, what started as a startup company manufacturing Service Bodies in 1991, XL is now known for producing a myriad of trusted canopy products. Now, XL uses the Solidworks modeling, together with the CAD/CAM software in order to produce high-quality XL products.

XL canopies are stronger because of its fiberglass components. XL ensures that all products are protected from all sorts of factors such as dust and weather. With products ranging from aluminium canopy to custom ute canopies for you, XL can definitely make something work for you.

XL’s initial product, XL Body was developed in 1991 through computer-aided software. Fast forward to 14 years, XL Body is still available, but it is now created with the best technology and systems available.

Meanwhile, the XL Canopy Body product boasts of its large open plan interior. It declares that it transforms your vehicle into a “work vehicle during the week and a camper on the weekends.” Same as all other XL Bodies, this new addition, Canopy, could go through all kinds of scenarios and environments unscathed, with its steel, aluminum, and stainless steel composition. It is suitable for the one-tonne single-spaced and dual cab vehicles. Lastly, apart from your car being your work car, this now doubles into your leisure car. The use of XL products apart from its amazing enough features wows you with the fact that it helps you save with your fuel.

Now you may want to jump into getting your own XL product, but a number of considerations have to be given to you in order to best suit your specifications. Rest assured, XL went over an intense coating of iron phosphate in order to protect the vehicle from corrosion. Therefore, it is sure that what you are getting is a product built to last.

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