February 28

When Should You Switch Your Freight Forwarding Company Sydney Service?

Finding a new freight company and imparting your business requirements in them so as to have a smooth working relationship is not an easy task. But freight forwarding companies, like any other businesses, do have their challenges. Some of these can be temporary such as the crash of an IT system. Some challenges are, however, more long term and cut at the very heart of the freight business processes. Such will have adverse impact not only on the freight company but also on your business. There are several warning signs or red flags that you must look out for so as to determine on whether it’s time to ship out and sign a new contract with a more reliable freight forwarding company Sydney service. Also check out Sydney 3pl company as one of our services too.

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Here a few signs that should raise an eyebrow in your logistics partner:

Financial strain

Determine the financial position of your logistics partner. There is no doubt that many businesses are struggling following the global economic downturn and this has adversely affected some freight companies in certain markets. If your freight forwarder Sydney company is facing some financial problems, then this is likely to impact service delivery and the company may even go under with your business.

Change of business

If your business has changed, then you may also have to change the freight forwarding company Sydney service that is handling your business. Either you may have outgrown the capabilities or scope of your current Sydney sea freight service provider, or you may need the services of a freight company that is more specialized in handling the merchandise in your niche. The best option is to work with a full-service logistics company capable of handling a very broad range of logistics services.

Cutting edge technology

The freight and forwarding company that you are working should be in step with the current technologies in its business processes. These should range from the website portal to the tracking services for your cargo. They must also make use of freight management software, online tracking capability and a proof of delivery, electronic billing amongst other automation features.

Are the rates competitive?

Are the company’s rates in sync with the industry rates? Ensure that you get the best rates in the industry. If your logistics company is taking you for granted, you can always shop around and look for the best rates that you deserve.

Check out the customer service

The freight forwarding business is one that is customer service focused. You must therefore expect the best and most professional customer service that is responsive to your needs and those of your customers. Lack of professionalism or indifference is quite costly in the freight business. If you feel your logistics partner is not taking your business seriously, you can always shop for a new company.

Lack of insurance coverage

The forwarder must provide adequate cargo insurance. Because of the risks associated with the freight forwarding business, freight insurance must be a key consideration when choosing a freight forwarding company Sydney service. If you are planning a smooth transition from one freight company to a more reliable Sydney freight forwarder, check out www.DjGlobal.com.au .

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