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Professional Soil Contamination Testing Service in Sydney

There are many factors that cause soil contamination. These can range from the petroleum products to other harmful benefits such as the industrial waste discharge, the sewage discharge, pesticides, fuel dumping oil and even agrochemical discharges. The soil contamination can have some adverse effects on our ecosystems. Not only does it have a direct impact on the food supply but it also impacts the environment and is a real threat to the sustainability of the agricultural sector. When you suspect that the soil in your garden is contaminated in any way, it is advisable to contract the services of professional Soil testers Sydney service so as to determine the suitability of your soil and eliminate any worries which you may have about the soil conditions.

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Effects of Soil Contaminants

There are many adverse effects that can result from the presence of the contaminants in the soil. For example, these can be a hindrance to the growth of plants in the garden. Plants may also absorb these through their roots thus causing some chemical traces in the food chain. There is a direct threat of contaminated soil to kids who touch or inhale the soil particles as they may end up ingesting dangerous toxins. The soil contaminants will be more pronounced in the root crops. Some of the toxins occur naturally in the soil. Examples of these include arsenic. The most common cause of the pollution on the soil is, however, due to human activity.  Areas that are close to places where there is a great deal of human activity will have the greatest concentration of the soil contaminants.

Soil contamination testing and analysis

This is an important aspect that must be considered before the utilisation of the soil and serves several functions. It is possible to evaluate the degree of contamination hence of potential harm so as to mitigate some of the adverse effects. There are several aspects that will be tested during this exercise such as the PH levels of the soil, the soil plasticity index, the thermal resistivity, and material grading. The tests also look for the presence of foreign materials in the soil. The soil testing Sydney services also offer environmental investigation services when evaluating the suitability of your soil conditions.

Compaction testing

The compaction testing forms a core part of the soil testers Sydney solutions. When this form of testing is carried out, the in situ density of the soil is established and this value is then compared with maximum density value as determined from the lab test results.

Choosing the best soil testing service in Sydney

Looking for the best soil testers Sydney service? Check out the Alliance Geotechnical Pty Ltd. The company is one of the most respected names in field and laboratory testing of soil samples in Australia. Its laboratory testing facilities are NATA-accredited thus assuring customers of top service quality. The company is also a leading supplier of field-testing equipment to some of the leading companies in Sydney such as Sydney Water. For more information on the services, drop an email to or call 02 9623 1588.

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