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Insurance 101: What to Know Before You Move

The stress of packing all of your belongings is already stressful in itself; imagine the stress involved with the unknown future waiting at your new home. Hence, a lot of homeowners who just recently moved will attest to the important of finding the right and reputable Boston moving services to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. It definitely makes a world of difference if the company you have tasked to move your belongings are dependable.
However, there is another aspect of choosing movers Boston MA offers that a lot of homeowners failed to consider: insurance coverage. Even though you did your best to prevent it, lost items or damaged belongings are inevitable. You have to know the insurance coverage you need before you finalize your contract. This is true not just with movers Boston New York companies require, but a universal tip that all movers should consider.
In general, there are three types of coverage offered by Boston moving services: 1) basic liability insurance, 2) declared value protection insurance and 3) extra care protection insurance.
The basic liability insurance coverage is mandated by the federal law and the most basic type of coverage that a moving company has to offer. As the name goes, the coverage is suited to meet the basic needs of moving clients to their new homes by the best movers Boston Massachusetts has. The average coverage cost is 60 cents a pound. This, however, is included in the quote provided to you by the moving company. Therefore, the more items are required in the move, the higher the cost and insurance coverage involved.
The second type of insurance coverage is better suited for clients who have higher valued items. If you want to ensure that you can get coverage for these items, opt for the full value or declared value protection insurance. The cost of the coverage protection is based on the valuation of the contents being transported.
The third and final type of insurance coverage from Boston moving servicesis the extra care protection. This provides maximum protection to you and the belongings you transport in case of loss or damage. The moving company can, therefore, make amends in case the belongings are lost or damaged during the transport. However, it will be their responsibility to replace or repair the item, not the consumer. On your end, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you will not shoulder the cost involved. Check out for more info Big City Movingco
Regardless of which type of coverage you choose when choosing a mover, it is important to discuss with your mover about each plan. They need to inform you of your rights, as well as the inclusions for each type of insurance coverage. This will serve as your guarantee that you will not incur more costs than you are willing to spend as part of the move.
In Boston, Big City Moving is a trusted moving company that provides basic to advanced coverage based on their client’s needs. Check them out at http://www.bigcitymovingco.com/ to learn more about the services they have to offer, as well as the corresponding coverage for your belongings.

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