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Gas Technology: The Most Effective Method for Aluminium Laser Cutting

One of the finest methods in metal fabrication is laser cutting. It is not just efficient and cost effective, but also reduces the amount of finishing work that needs to have a post fabrication.

On the other hand, fabrication using a laser cutting method seems to be difficult as aluminium is a heat conductive and a light reflective metal. The best solution for this is by using gas technology along with a high power setting.

Aluminium laser cutting Sydney

Laser cutting machines assisted by nitrogen and oxygen helps shape aluminium with a quality edge finish. Hygrade Laser Profiling based in Australia provides the best Aluminium laser cutting Sydney has ever seen. They have been in business for more than 20 years and have been serving NSW and Sydney with their quality laser cutting methods.

Laser Cutting Sydney NSW

Laser cutting – While choosing an assist gas, fabricators generally consider variables such as the thickness and the type of material to be fabricated. Apart from that, the flow, the pressure of the assist gas, the total number of lasers involved in the process, the production volume, the shop’s environment, and the expected finish of the material should also be considered.

Aluminium laser cutting Sydney usually use nitrogen as an assist gas. There are also shops that use oxygen or air, but nitrogen gives the best finish on aluminium.

Nitrogen itself is quite expensive, but its ability to cut metals faster and cleaner than other assist gases makes it the most beneficial assist gas for laser cutting in Sydney NSW.

Variables in choosing the right assist gas

Apart from variables such as pressure, flow, and output, there are other factors that the organization for metal laser cutting NSW and Sydney-based Hygrade Laser profiling takes into consideration. The storage, setup, and delivery mechanisms of an assist gas usually turn out to be problems for shop owners. However, these also depend on the personalized needs of the fabricator.

Storage and delivery needs to be appropriate, or else, it might affect the workflow. If the tank is small, it needs to be changed for uninterrupted workflow. The best option for delivery mechanism, on the other hand, is having a shared delivery system. This not only prevents redundancy of the equipment, but also becomes money, space, and time saver for shops.

Assist gas, as already mentioned, is the most necessary factor in laser cutting with the use of gas technology. Its exactness is equally important for the efficiency of this process.

Being one of the most efficient fabricators in Sydney and Australia, Hygrade takes all important factors required for laser cutting in account which includes assist gas.

Aluminium laser cutting Sydney and NSW-based Hygrade offers are quite exceptional. Aside from laser metal cutting, they also provide services such as Laser Tube Processing, Bending/Pressing Brakes, 4-Axis Vertical Machining, Robotic Welding, Mass Finishin,g and Specialised Services.

Hygrade thereby focuses on delivering a ‘one-stop job shop’ and offers a variety of machine processes done under a single roof,  all of which are completed perfectly with no compromises in quality and finish.

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