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Choosing the Perfect Garden Idea for your Outdoor Space

Growing a vegetable garden can do more than providing a nutritious produce. Gardening can improve health and relaxation, save money on food purchases, reduce stress, and even boost mood. Here are some of the best vegetable garden ideas available today:

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Square Foot Gardening: This is the practice of growing a small, but intensively planted garden. This concept is very simple. You just have to construct a raised bed, divide the space into sections of one square-foot each, and plant the vegetables into each section.

Square Foot Gardening Benefits

·        It only takes little space. You can efficiently work anywhere, even on a deck or on a patio.

·        It prevents the need for endless tilling, weeding, watering, and pest control. Densely planted crops can form a living mulch, which reduces weed growth.

·        Plants grown largely in a small space can prevent diseases from spreading rapidly. They are also easily protected from pests compared when they are grown in larger gardens.

·        It produces continuous harvest with much lesser work and maintenance involved.

·        It uses a lesser amount of water since moisture is retained longer in smaller spaces, conserving energy in the long run.

Urban Farming: This is the growth, production, and distribution of food within a city or heavily-populated areas. In urban farming, anyone can start and run an urban farm – an individual, a group of friends, a non-profit organization, or the whole community itself.

Urban Farming Benefits

·        It makes food locally as possible, increasing access to healthy and affordable food.

·        It decreases the “food miles” associated with long-distance transportation.

·        It adds greenery to the cities, providing more shades and countering the unpleasant heat island effect.

·        It provides peaceful spots for relaxation and contemplation, which can also serve as a tourist attraction.

·        It offers job opportunities to underserved and deprived urban areas.

·        It brings people together. So much so, teaching them how to grow and use healthy food.

Vertical Gardening: This is a technique that maximizes various methods, allowing plants to extend upward rather than to grow along the garden surface – hence, reducing a garden’s space.

Vertical Gardening Benefits

·        It enables a person to grow plants without bending or kneeling repeatedly, minimizing body aches.

·        It saves a lot of space, especially on a very small yard. This kind of gardening can create a wonderful wall garden. Plants can also be grown at the side of the fence, on the deck or balcony, in a green house, or even inside the garage.

·        Some vertical garden systems are portable and can be transferred through a wheeled apparatus from outside to indoors.

·        It takes lesser time and work when preparing vertical gardens – no tilling and digging.

·        It is an easier way to protect your plants from pests, weeds, and unruly pets.

With these modern vegetable garden ideas – you are one step closer to having not only a green space, but also a cool and healthy one. After all, there is no better way to enjoy a fresh morning or to relax an exhausting afternoon by being immersed in your own green refuge.

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