May 24

Author’s Note

Hi readers! My name’s Heather Patch. My friends usually call me Heath. And yes, I’m the author of this Shopping you’ve been reading.

We all know girls do really love to dress up, beautify and all. Who doesn’t? Right, girls? 😉 In relation to that, we do love scrolling in the internet searching for something beautiful (clothes, make-up tips, dresses, jewelries etc.) And there’s only one thing that we’re most scared of– Online Shopping! 

Ugh! It do really sucks. My first one was horrible. Oh well, I remember I Capturewas about to attend a party and decided to buy dress online. Ordered it, paid and everything. After a day, I got my item. But look! It doesn’t even looked like a dress to me after all. Ugh! (again :/ ).

But, oh well! That didn’t stop me hoping to find a good one tho. And yes, I really have found good products online.

Woman carrying shopping bags on city street

 First is just to have a very reliable and true source ;). That’s why I made this site. To give tips and ideas on how to do online shop. But as I went through weeks and days making this up, I realized maybe it’ll be also fun to add a lil’ spice on my blog! 🙂 That’s why I included some Beauty , Health Tips, and more! Hahaha 😀 . This is kindda interesting. Well, I’m not intending for you to read more on this one page (Hahaha 😀 ). So please, enjoy reading the rest of the posts. If you wanna connect with me, Just leave a comment and I’ll make sure I’ll give a response. 😉


Hope you’ll like it 😉 .